Sustainability Index for Water Resources

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ABSTRACT for ASCE EWRI Congress 2011: Palm Springs, CA

Sustainability means different things to different design professionals and organizations. There are many accepted models and definitions with the most prevalent including three dimensions to consider for sustainable development: economy, society, and environment.  Sustainable designers seek to optimize projects in this context.  This paper attempts to fit a standardized numerical model of each dimension into accepted definitions of sustainability and achieving an aggregate Sustainability Index, S, for design alternative comparisons.  Landscape irrigation is a prevalent design consideration from a water resources development perspective.  General irrigation concepts have been simplified to create the framework for measuring S.  Spreadsheet modeling estimates long-term irrigation performance associated with the three dimensions of sustainability for many design alternatives.  Design alternatives with the lowest S values are estimated to be the most sustainable for water consumption.  The index presented here is merely a starting point towards a new optimization of water resource consumption.

Sustainable Statistics

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A Sustainability Index for Water Resources: Landscape Irrigation

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